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    Daily journaling and couples exercises

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How you improve your relationship with daily journaling


This journal will help you to keep the important things of your relationship in perspective and to communicate in an efficient and appreciative manner. It will focus on creating and strengthening your bond to your partner in an sustainable and healthy manner.

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This journal consists of five different sections and is meant to be used consistently over time:

1. Daily journal for you and your partner
2. Weekly recaps of the week for your and your partner
3. Inspirational quotes and facts
4. Coaching exercises to bring long-term impact
5. Task Manager to keep track of expectations

It promotes living a positive, communicative and healthy relationship. Something that you should never stop living by.

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Customer Feedback

"Argh I want this book now! Hurry up and publish it!"

Sarah Chester

"I got to BETA test it with my boyfriend and we loved it. Was also great that my feedback was appreciated and implemented."

Jennifer Cross

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